Stimulate innovation

We are involved. We participate to make progressive companies smarter and stronger. By stimulating innovation and effectiveness. By using advice, strategy and sometimes finances by ourselves or third parties. Through the expertise, experience and drive of founders Han Brussel and Paul Moreau, we see opportunities where others see only obstacles. By thinking and doing out-of-the-box we find creative solutions to build on international success stories.

Han Brussel

The experience that Han brings from his management and management positions at, among others, Getronics and the participating interests of Moreless Group, makes him a generalist in operational management. Han is innovation-driven and has the ability to identify problems and offer solutions. Often by approaching existing markets with new services. Or to serve new markets with solutions that are commonplace in existing customer profiles. His great strength lies strongly in the strategic aspect of business operations, in making ideas operational and in serving customer groups. For example, he ensures that specialists can roll out their locally proven processes, offers or developments internationally. The effect of this is that very surprising product-market combinations often arise.

Han sees opportunities as a result of which he moves through the business landscape as a successful angel investor. And in which he closely monitors various projects and activities where he operates as a management consultant or active director.

First outline the framework before you enter the details. Not the other way around!

Thus Han Brussel /

Paul Moreau

Paul has held a number of positions at management and board level at Getronics, Alphyra, DA Systems and Pinlinq (now Sepay). The collaboration with Han Brussel dates back to the early 90s. Paul then went on to delve deeper into a number of specific segments that deal with payment solutions. Based on that background and experience, he is seen in the market as an expert in this field. Certainly when it comes to support and advice when setting up new products, services and organizational forms. He has also held top positions in the field of security as a Security Officer & Consultant. Paul is currently responsible for Finance, Security and Compliance at Payplaza.


Paqar may be a relatively new name when it comes to payment systems, but it can fall back on more than 20 years of experience. Because they develop all payment systems in-house, Paqar has, thanks to the support of the Moreless team, the opportunity to respond quickly to change.



Bluetrace offers customers “Managed Networking”; networks, connectivity, IoT and online affairs. Bluetrace improves the services of companies through Wi-Fi and app solutions. We have many customers in the leisure and sports sector, schools, shopping centers and housing.