An impressive track record

Moreless Group is working on success. We are looking for new opportunities and use opportunities. We have now built up a considerable track record. Read more about these projects and specific customer solutions quickly.

Paqar. A Moreless start-up

Paqar may be a relatively new name when it comes to payment systems, but it can fall back on more than 20 years of experience. Because they develop all payment systems in-house, Paqar has the ability to quickly respond to change. Anyone who wants to pay in a smart, safe and easy way can go to Paqar. Fixed, flexible or mobile. Moreless Group was responsible for the market introduction, the partnerships with suppliers, the sales and the transfer to a larger corporate.


3V. Temporary management and business transfer

In collaboration with various partners such as Visa and ABN Amro Bank, Moreless introduced the company 3V to the Benelux. By successfully launching products for both B2C and B2B market segments, 3V is a household name for off and online purchases with prepaid credit cards, gift cards and mobile payment solutions. Moreless Group took care of the appointment of the Dutch management and among other things established a distribution network, including Lekkerland and Primera. The Moreless team also directed the marketing activities and managed to unburden the management and guide them in finding external investors. Today, with a view to the international expansion of 3V, the Moreless Group has partially sold its interests to Qmulus. This investment company further strengthens the company 3V and contributes to further development with complementary activities.

PINLINQ. We build the company and sold it

Moreless Group has been operational and jointly responsible as shareholder for the establishment and marketing of Pinlinq. From setting up a complete full service organization to management and order fulfillment … The involvement and innovative capacity of the Moreless team at the time were decisive for the current situation. The company is now known in the market under the name of Sepay. There is no longer a shareholder relationship with Sepay.

Current activities

We currently have activities running at different companies. View all our current activities here.